HEIMATLIEBE: “Rising Star” of the fashion industry opens its own mono-label online shop

In cooperation with the leading general supplier Gute Marken Online for the operation of online-shops in the fashion middle class, the label HEIMATLIEBE starts up its new mono-label online-shop.

Welcome to the new digital flagship store of the HEIMATLIEBE (www.heimatliebe-store.de), which is according to hachmeister + partner, leading consultancy for the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry, one of the shooting stars in the WOMEN sector. Managing Director Caesar says about his brand “HEIMATLIEBE is different, better, special”. With 11 collections per year, which are developed by Axel Vosschulte and his team of four, HEIMATLIEBE serves fashion-conscious and young women in six different stores and selected retail shops – NOW also in a brand-own online shop on www.heimatliebe-store.de. Unusual cuts, cheeky colours and a continuous collection evolution determine the look & feel. “This is our niche, where we can differentiate ourselves from the other brands and win new customers. Trend awareness, high product quality and a close connection to Italy, the country of fashion, characterise our daily activities”, Caesar continues. In order to be able to dedicate ourselves completely to the “continuous collection evolution” in the future, HEIMATLIEBE consciously relies on the support of GUTE MARKEN ONLINE.

The digital sales partner with the Fashion Retail DNA

“We love fashion & lifestyle in all its facets” says the GUTE MARKEN website. This is also reflected in HEIMATLIEBE’s new online shop. “Our aim is to enable our customers the opportunity to meet the brand identity of HEIMATLIEBE in the foreground and thus provide them with a unique shopping experience”, summarises Thorsten Höllger, CEO of Gute Marken Online GmbH. “In addition to the unique shopping experience for the customer, we also want to enable HEIMATLIEBE to achieve a solid sales performance and to reach additional customers via touchpoints such as social media. This digital commitment supports visibility across all sales channels,” continues Höllger. In addition to HEIMATLIEBE, well-known fashion brands such as RABE, CODELLO, DANIEL HECHTER, Helly Hansen and many more are already part of the GUTE MARKEN ONLINE network solution.

Focus determines success in the fast-moving fashion segment

After careful research and close coordination with the brand managers, the GUTE MARKEN team developed a digital brand environment tailored to HEIMATLIEBE. In addition to the brand-specific style guide, also the work of a certified user experience designer was incorporated into the new online flagship store. In the daily operation and further development of the new online flagship store, both companies rely on a clear distribution of roles. While Axel Vosschulte and his team take care of the development of the collection and the supply of the goods, GUTE MARKEN takes over data management, customer care, order processing including payment and shipping. “With this clear distribution of roles, we ensure that the brand-specific target group continually identify with its brand and has also access to the new collections across all channels,” says Thorsten Höllger.

Best possible shopping experience through optimized user experience

The new shop in a modern flat look offers customers a cross-device optimized user experience through responsive design and enables convenient shopping from home with improved user guidance and comprehensive services. In addition to generous product presentations, the performance of the new HEIMATLIEBE shop is also excellent. Above all, the use of the latest web technologies, such as the specially developed PHP7-based ICE HAWK framework and the use of asynchronous JavaScript, ensure extremely fast online shop speeds. “For customers, the new online shop offers an optimal shopping experience thanks to its short loading times, generous product presentations and user-friendly ordering process,” says Caesar. He is enthusiastic about the cooperation with the Fortuneglobe Group: “Beginning with the conception, over the design, the technical implementation and the daily operation: I am very thankful.”


At Fortuneglobe, the FORTUNE SOLUTIONS business unit was entrusted with the development. As a technology unit, it was responsible for the development and design of the new online shop. FORTUNE SOLUTIONS has been a technology partner in the Fortuneglobe Group since 2015 and develops innovative solutions for the constantly changing eCommerce landscape in order to provide its partners with new market potential and more growth. With solutions such as the PHP7 Micro Framework ICE HAWK and the cloud-based multi-channel solution ICE BEE, it designs and optimizes the online trade of the future for customers such as HEIMATLIEBE.