Fortuneglobe Group and JOOR announce DACH region partnership

The Fortuneglobe Group, holding company of Gute Marken Online GmbH and the worldwide industry standard digital wholesale solution JOOR, today announced a partnership.

Both digital platforms are focused on the mission of supporting the digital transformation of wholesale for the DACH region.

“After our meeting with JOOR, we quickly came to the conclusion that we are all following the same goal – to connect people and brands. We share the vision of a digitally functioning fashion distribution, whether B2C or B2B. This is where we see a common need for a central
solution that offers our brand partners a long-term opportunity to successfully go digital in the fashion business.” Thorsten Höllger, CEO of Fortuneglobe Group.

Jon Silverman, VP, Global Brand Sales at JOOR shared, “We’re thrilled to partner with Fortuneglobe Group. They are closely aligned with our mission to drive digital transformation across wholesale.”

As online shopping continues to grow, the trend towards handling wholesale orders on digital platforms is rapidly increasing. About half of the B2B sales customers belong to the digital-first millennials. In 80 percent of cases, the procurement process starts online and
ends there as well. “With the new technologies almost every sales idea can be implemented digitally. However, many decision-makers in companies barely understand the technical possibilities available for sales nowadays“, says Dr. Basir Mustaghni, Principal at BCG.

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For those without know-how and capacities to sell independently on marketplaces like JOOR, the retail model of Gute Marken Online offers an proved solution.

Retail model enables fast entry and comprehensive service offering

“Many companies are not yet sufficiently equipped digitally and do not know how and where to start. They are simply unable to cope with digitalization,” says Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz, Professor of Sales Management at the RUB. The retail model of GUTE MARKEN ONLINE guarantees fast support. But how? GUTE MARKEN ONLINE provides its brand partners all the necessary resources and, with its own integration team, ensures an uncomplicated entry into JOOR and the most relevant online marketplaces such as Amazon, KLINGEL, OTTO, About You and Zalando. As announced on the website, GUTE MARKEN ONLINE will take over all future tasks on behalf of the brand, such as technical integration, data management, customer service and fulfillment.



About JOOR

JOOR is the world’s industry standard wholesale platform for fashion, beauty and home, connecting over 8,600 brands with 200,000 retailers across 144 countries every day. With a commitment to fuel the advancement and growth of both brands and retailers, JOOR offers a free and paid tier, JOOR Lite and JOOR Pro. JOOR Lite offers basic functionality for brands and retailers, whereas JOOR PRO provides advanced capabilities for greater flexibility, visibility, performance and analytics. JOOR is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Melbourne and Tokyo. For more information, visit

About Fortuneglobe Group
The Munich-based Fortuneglobe Group was founded in 2000 and has currently around 100 employees at three locations. As a reliable specialist for the development and operation of online shops as well as the connection to the most relevant online marketplaces, it accompanies its customers holistically in the implementation of their e-commerce strategy. The six different FORTUNEGLOBE units take over the performance marketing, the design and maintenance of the online shop, the management of the marketplace, the fulfillment, as well as the holistic consulting of the customer and the deployment and individualization of the software solution. The Fortuneglobe Group currently works for more than 34 online
shops and more than 100 marketplace integrations including About You, Amazon, Klingel, JOOR, OTTO and Zalando for well-known fashion brands such as Carl Gross, Maerz, Mavi and many more. With its additional holdings in the retail model “Gute Marken Online GmbH”, the international fast-fashion concept – International Brands Online GmbH and the outlet solution of ICO Trading GmbH, the Fortuneglobe Group offers solutions for a wide range of challenges in the textile industry. For more information, visit