DANIEL HECHTER PARIS: New online shop launched for Germany and France

Together with its e-commerce sales partner Gute Marken Online, DANIEL HECHTER opens the new online shop for Germany and France. In addition to numerous new functions, the new online shop impresses with an increased user experience and additional services.

Since 1962, the DANIEL HECHTER brand has realised the idea of making fashion affordable for everyone and a daily event. With this unique fashion statement, DANIEL HECHTER now offers its German and French customers an even more comfortable digital shopping experience in addition to the more than 3,200 points of sale in 65 different countries on 5 continents worldwide. The new shop in a modern flat look offers customers a cross-device optimized user experience through Responsive Design and enables convenient shopping from home with improved user guidance and comprehensive services. Fortuneglobe and its technology unit FORTUNE SOLUTIONS, a specialist for e-commerce solutions in the lifestyle and fashion sectors, are responsible for the conception and realisation of the new virtual flagship store of DANIEL HECHTER. The award-winning retail principle of Gute Marken Online also allows DANIEL HECHTER to concentrate entirely on its core business in daily business and to leave all online services – from data management and customer care to payment and shipping – to the experienced team of Gute Marken Online.

The best possible shopping experience through optimized user experience

Under the direction of a certified user experience designer, the shop underwent thorough user testing to create an optimal shopping experience for the customer. With the new Shop-the-Look function, the visitor is able to order outfits that are coordinated with each other and which have been put together by DANIEL HECHTER according to the motto “Stylish, cosmopolitan, creative, French”. Visitors can also use the new Mix&Match function to combine and order products available in the shop as a complete look according to their personal taste. In addition to more generous product presentations, the performance of the new DANIEL HECHTER shop has also been significantly improved. Above all, the use of the latest web technologies, such as the specially developed PHP7-based ICE HAWK framework, as well as the use of asynchronous JavaScript, noticeably improve the shop speed. “For customers, the new online shop offers a significantly more pleasant shopping experience thanks to the shorter loading times, the more generous product presentations, the new shopping functionalities and the new cross-channel options,” says Axel Sommer, Retail Relation & Marketing Manager at DANIEL HECHTER, summarising the innovations. He is very satisfied with the cooperation with the Fortuneglobe Group: “From the concept to the design, the technical implementation and the daily operation: The know-how of the Munich-based company is convincing”.

Fortuneglobe technology unit takes over development

At Fortuneglobe, the FORTUNE SOLUTIONS business unit was entrusted with the development. As a technology unit, it was responsible for the development and design of the new online shop. FORTUNE SOLUTIONS has been a technology partner in the Fortuneglobe Group since 2015 and develops innovative solutions for the constantly changing eCommerce landscape in order to provide its partners with new market potential and more growth. With solutions such as the PHP7 Micro Framework ICE HAWK and the cloud-based multi-channel solution ICE BEE, it designs and optimizes the online trade of the future for customers such as DANIEL HECHTER.


“Savoir-vivre”, say the French and mean “Lifestyle”.

Thanks to its roots in the fashion capital Paris, the DANIEL HECHTER brand offers French lifestyle in its most beautiful form: stylish, cosmopolitan, creative, French. And this lifestyle is alive on all five continents worldwide.

In a world of rapid change, DANIEL HECHTER offers the certainty of always being well dressed. This makes the brand authentic. Daniel Hechter also stands for true friendship – in all its facets. Stands for lived human closeness. And for a special relationship between people and the way they dress. It is characterised by esprit, charm and unique French chic.

The Aulbach Group took over the French brand in 1998 and has since developed it into a globally successful fashion brand. Today, DANIEL HECHTER is represented worldwide in over 3,200 points of sale, in 65 countries and on 5 continents.